HyperDock 1.3.2

Add new functions to your Dock

HyperDock is a great tool for all those who feel like one Dock is not enough. View full description


  • Preview open windows in your Dock
  • Hot keys
  • Maximize multiple windows from the Dock
  • Filter preview windows by application


  • Many features now default in Snow Leopard

Very good

HyperDock is a great tool for all those who feel like one Dock is not enough.

HyperDock adds a handy ability to preview and select windows abd tabs just by moving the mouse over a dock item. Although this has been made obsolete somewhat by previews introduced into Snow Leopard, HyperDock includes the use of shortcuts to quickly open new windows and documents with a simple mouse click. It also improves your workflow by using advanced window management features like Window Snapping.

HyperDock previews open windows and includes customizable keyboard shortcuts and windows that enable you to filter certain elements. It also allows you to add specific functions such as the previewing of tasks in iCal and iTunes playback controls. HyperDock also allows you to maximize windows, either the whole screen or just one half.

Although many of HyperDock's functions are now default in Snow Leopard, HyperDock adds some useful functions for those with older operating systems.


  • Reenable support for older Snow Leopard versions (<10.6.6)
  • Fix "Could not open Preference Pane" errors
  • Show only file names in Finder if _FXShowPosixPathInTitle mode is enabled
  • Fix: HyperDock sometimes popped up two update alert windows.
  • Minor fixes for OS X 10.8
  • Fix a memory leak
  • Fix crashes


HyperDock 1.3.2

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  • ben.warner.5264

    by ben.warner.5264

    "Owner took my money without issueing a license."

    Have purchased Hyperdock from the hyperdock website. I was never sent a license key. Have contacted the author/owner ...   More.